Update the latest version Fouad Mods WhatsApp for download

latest version fouad mod

Latest version Fouad WhatsApp is a modification of the usual WhatsApp or WhatsApp standard and is specially made. This modified WhatsApp is equipped with several old specifications and advantages. 

Fouad WhatsApp Update

Therefore, when using this WhatsApp, many users will feel the most significant incompatibility with the standard Whatsapp. From a personal point of view, WhatsApp Fouad is indeed very popular and has a large fan base.

What's the difference between the usual Whatsapp VS Fouad Whatsapp 

In terms of specifications, it's really different because this third-party app is always in development. For more information about the differences between Fouad WhatsApp and regular Whatsapp, please read the following differences. 

WA latest version fouad mod 

- The personalized length feature can be up to 255 characters. 

- Users can share about 100 documents at the same time. 

- Various tools 50mb.

- Hide visible messages. 

- Contact status records already available on WhatsApp. 

- Multiple txt scripts, PDFs and other files available. 

- 130 auxiliary languages available. 

- Blank messaging available. 

- Available object changes. 



- Property length 139 properties. 

- Various documents 30 manuscripts. 

- 15 MB of tools. 

- Unable to hide last seen. 

- Cannot copy location. 

- No multiple txt and PDF scripts. 

- Only 45 languages are supported. 

- Not ready to transfer empty messages. 

- No object replacement.

Fouad WhatsApp Update is very popular among users, especially people who want to use two WhatsApp numbers on the same phone, because these features are not available through the regular WhatsApp application, in which the developers have set many software restrictions.

Fouad WhatsApp Pro apk application allows you to download WhatsApp using two different Android numbers without root and offers you to use two numbers or two SIM cards to activate WhatsApp, send messages and talk between you and your users friends and contacts via both numbers for free 100% without paying for this service without any monetary return.